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Your Ouija board opens the gates to the spirit world. With the glass moving board you can get in touch with the dead and the Ouija board game also offers entertainment and a good pinch of thrill. But be careful, because a ghost board séance is not for the faint-hearted...

What is a Ouija board?

With the help of a Ouija board, also called a witch board or spirit board, you can get in touch with spirits and other supernatural beings. A Ouija board is basically a board with various symbols: the alphabet, a greeting and a farewell, the answer options yes and no and the numbers 0 to 9. Some Ouija board games also have other symbols such as a sun and moon symbol or the words "I'm leaving", "Thank you" and the like. A pointer, a planchette or a glass moves across the board during the séance (as if by magic) and reveals the message of the spiritual being with whom you have made contact, if one makes itself known.

You can find out exactly how to use a Ouija board here:

Go to the Ouija instructions

The history of the Ouija board is as old as it is mysterious. Even the name Ouija board itself (Ouija pronunciation: "uijah") is a mystery. It is generally explained that the word "Ouija" is a compound of the French "Oui" (yes) and the German "Ja". It is said that the Greek mathematician Pythagoras already used a similar means to the Ouija Board we know today to communicate with supernatural beings. In China, there were already mediums similar to the witch board about a thousand years ago to contact the deceased - which for a long time was reserved for spiritual masters. In 1891, the Ouija board was patented by the American Elijah Bond and then marketed on a larger scale. The Ouija board gained its popularity during the First World War, when many people felt the need to communicate and say goodbye to friends and family members who had died in the war.

What you should know before your first ghost summoning with a Ouija board game:


Before you start, you should familiarise yourself with the rules. Important: if you suffer from depression or psychosis, it is better not to take part in a seance. Alcohol and drugs are taboo during a session. A witch board séance should never take place in broad daylight and should not last longer than 20 to 40 minutes. Also, you should never hold a session alone; there should be at least two of you.

You can find more important rules here:

Learn the Ouija rules

What questions are you allowed to ask?

Ask your questions carefully so as not to upset the spirits you have called. Make sure you are precise with each question. It is best to write them down in advance. For your own good, refrain from asking questions about your own death and other upsetting topics. Here you can find more information on the topic of "Questions in the Spirit Summoning":

More about Ouija questions


The use of a witch board can be quite dangerous. A session can be very intense and have a lasting negative impact on the user's future life. Panic attacks or even delusions can occur. Therefore, you should never see a séance with a Ouija board as pure fun, but ask yourself whether you can cope with possible answers to the questions you want to ask the spirits. You should also be careful of the spirits themselves, always remain polite and under no circumstances harass the spiritual beings. Again and again we hear that people who have had a séance have been haunted by the spirit beings afterwards. You can read more about the dangers here:

More about the Ouija Dangers

Real experiences with the glass moving boards

For some, a séance with a spirit board is little more than spooky fun. But whether or not you believe that you have really made contact with a being from the spiritual world, there is no denying that there have been mysterious occurrences during séances - or afterwards. Find out more about this on the page Experiences.

Your own Ouija Board

Buy your own Ouija Board

Today, witch boards can be easily bought online - from the noble standard Ouija board to the handmade "spirit board luxury version" in a special design. Right here you can find the perfect Ouija board for your spirit conjuring:

Buy Ouija board online

Your DIY spirit board

With a little craftsmanship, you can also build your own individual spirit board.

What you need:
For your DIY jar back board you need a board or a laminated piece of paper, pens and templates, a soldering iron and a smaller piece of wood for the planchette. You can also find out how to build your own "designer" Ouija board from this:

Build your own Ouija board

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