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Your game with the otherworldly contact: Rules for the Ouija Board

The Ouija board enjoys unbroken popularity among otherworld believers and mystery fans. It allows you to contact spirits and the deceased. Whether such things exist, there is a difference of opinion. In any case, a Ouija board séance offers you entertainment with a scary factor! For a seance with the Ouija board - it has other names, for example witch board or also Witchboard - you should consider some Ouija rules. Although there are different opinions about Ouija rules - nevertheless some Ouija rules are often mentioned in agreement. In the following text we would like to explain you the common Ouija rules.

The Ouija board - parlor game or really a gateway to the afterlife?

Although the Ouija board, especially in the USA, also has the rank of an entertainment game - it was even invented as such - it is nothing for weak nerves. One of the most important Ouija rules: During acute psychological crises, in phases of high emotional stress or shortly after a bereavement, you should not participate in a seance with the witch board. About the devastating consequences that have befallen people after something went wrong with a seance, we explain more at the end. Furthermore, there are other rules for the Ouija board that are important in any case. Which Ouija board rules apply to the preparation can be read in the next section.

The Ouija preparations - creating the right setting!

One of the Ouija Board rules is: A Ouija seance only takes place at night. One of the other Ouija Board rules, but perhaps also more of a Ouija recommendation: Candles should be lit during a Ouija seance. Incense sticks also create the right Ouija mood. In the run-up to the seance, the participants and you should think of specific questions to ask the otherworldly world during the seance. These can also be written down. Furthermore, one of the Ouija rules is: The questions should be chosen carefully. Questions about one's own date of death are better left taboo. Also be careful with trivial questions and questions that the otherworldly cannot answer.

Preparing for a Ouija session - what else is important


For example, if you seek contact with your deceased grandmother, she will most likely not know whether your maths exam will go well next week. If you follow these Witchboard rules, your chances of a successful seance will certainly increase. There are also rules for the Ouija Board that can be set individually. For example, you can perform a preparation ritual before the seance. Higher powers can be invoked for protection. Or a prayer can be said. By the way, it is better not to do the Ouija session alone. And: don't drink - is perhaps one of the most important Ouija Board rules.

The Ouija rules also state that you should never smoke or eat.

The séance begins! How to use the Ouija board correctly

The Witchboard consists of a stone or wooden board and often of simple cardboard. It depicts an alphabet, numbers, the words 'yes' and 'no' and occasionally the expressions, 'hello' and 'goodbye'. During the seance, the participants sit around the board and each hold a finger on the planchette, or pointer. The pointer should be moved in a circle by the participants. All participants should remain as calm and relaxed as possible, otherwise the pointer may not move. Does the spirit board also give rules on how to initiate contact with the otherworldly? Perhaps you can be guided by your feelings.

Something is wrong with the Ouija seance? When abortion is better

Even if it remains controversial whether ghosts exist. In a Ouija séance, it is the attraction to believe this if possible. If the conversation with the world beyond is opened, then Ouija rules for a contact with the spirits also apply. You should approach these beings in a friendly and respectful manner. Unfortunately, these Witchboard rules do not protect you in every case from spirits who lie or even appear to be malicious. The Witchboard rules suggest ending the seance in case of incoherent or too difficult impressions. To do this, the planchette should be moved to the square with the words "Goodbye".

Why Ouija sessions can also have side effects

One reason why many Ouija board rules aim to ensure that the participants of the séance should do well so far is probably also due to frequent side effects of Ouija sessions. Time and again in the past there have been reports of people or their homes being virtually haunted after a Ouija seance. It cannot be clarified whether these were curses or psychological after-effects. But one thing is certain: some Ouija board rules should be taken to heart. An internet search can also reveal a number of useful Ouija board rules. For those who find horror stories of Ouija home invasions too scary, Ouija is nothing!

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